Kaia Saarna jewellery – discovering this spring’s designer

Kaia Saarna jewelry

Shining, unique and different – Kaia Saarna’s jewellery as a final touch to Maret’s outfit

When your outfit is lacking uniqueness, the simplest way to spice it up is to add some jewellery. But it can be tricky – where to find something hip and different in times where everybody goes to the same stores? We have a clue: explicitly bold design from Kaia Saarna who even uses nectarine stones in her jewellery.

PR Fashion Room has had the privilege to exhibit Kaia Saarna‘s creation on Maret, wearing elegant black and golden dresses, and Kärolin, in our photo series matching sneakers with designer jackets. What we learned is that her jewellery is meant for bold women who appreciate colorful, bright and large accessories.

If you want to shine, her design will be sure to surprise everyone, including yourself. This is probably also the reason why her creation has traveled all the way to President’s Reception to decorate some of the festive dresses and exceptional personalities.

Kaia Saarna jewlery 2

Maret in Hanna Korsar‘ s dress

Kaia Saarna jewlery


Elegant, yet flashy – Kärolin exhibiting Kaia Saarna’s unique jewellery



Kärolin in Diana Arno‘ s jacket

Who is Kaia saarna?

Kaia started her company in 2009, designing and making jewellery by hand. She studied in the Estonian Art Academy and at the moment is residing and drawing inspiration from the nature in Greece. 

What we appreciate is how she doesn’t just use metal, gold, silver, and precious stones but natural materials as well, like nectarine stones and wood, making the result different and invaluable. It is perfect to personalize your outfit with something that just radiates femininity, dreaminess and simplicity.


Her beautiful design is on sale in the Estonian design store Tali, in Hanna Korsar atelier (Vana-Posti 7 in Tallinn Old Town), Krunnibutiik, A-galerii, and Kaia Saarna’s atelier in Kärdla (Uus tn 3). 

There you can find jewellery for both everyday and festive occasions – amongst others, she also makes wedding rings, bridal jewellery and engagement rings.

 Maret photographed by Carol-Liis Metsla

Kärolin photographed by Jake Farra

Text in English: Carina Paju


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